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Meiraj demonstrated a unique skill set that bridged the gap between brand design, marketing, and creative project management. He was instrumental in the successful launch of our brand refresh, and I truly enjoyed working with him.

Max Kahn

Director, SAP.iO Foundries

Creative lead, creative concept strategist, copywriter, solutions architect (creative) he is all of those things. He’s also a leader and a collaborator, a serious thinker and a dear friend. Smart. Sharp. Direct. That’s Meiraj for you

Enterprise Consulting, Searce

Sairam Iyer

Meiraj always displayed a great energy and curiosity for pushing the boundaries of our old ideas about our marketing strategy. He certainly infuses any work environment with fresh creative approaches, strategies and ideas!

Anna Brashear

Marketing Manager

The quality of his designs, creative thinking and his ability to understand what clients want and need (even if they didn't know it themselves) was instrumental in helping us land a lot of projects. He has such a positive and happy attitude and approach to every situation. 

Shanthi Thirumur

General Manager, Events

Extremely versatile with his skillset and able to connect the business to success. He has produced high-quality investor pitch decks, websites, promotional videos, prototype mock-ups, and more. Therefore, I fully recommend hiring him for these services!

Jamal Maxey

Head of Online Events

 I worked with him to come up with creative designs for SAP.iO presence at NRF (largest global retail conference).

With minimal direction he designed the entire booth and also images to honor Martin Luther King Jr day.

Kange Kaneene

VP, SAP.iO Foundries

Here's why you should work with me

Some of the most recent projects 

Meiraj has successfully managed 800+ projects for clients and customers with budgets ranging from €10,000 to €20 Mn. Clients & employers are fortune 500 brands, global B2B, B2C organizations, startups and governments across diverse industries.


Branding, Marketing, Product Dev. & Lead Gen.  for Paul Johnson's M&A business

Branding, Marketing, Digital & Product Dev. for Pitch Lounge 

Project Consultant -- Branding, Creative Design and Content for SAP.iO

Storyboarding, Concept & Creative Direction & Vendor Management for FFCH

What am I looking for?

Long Term Collaborations

Change Makers

Passionate Leaders

Strong & Analytical Team Players

I strategically look for projects and collaborations that enables me to contribute my expertise.  I love working with teams and groups that focus on bringing positive change, accelerate innovation and empower people to be better than their previous selves. I am a creative and business generalist with multi skilled experience because I express organisational citizenship behaviour this makes me goal focused and align with organisational values.

Latest engagement

February 2022 to March 2023

SAP SE, Berlin, Germany

Project Consultant - Development

April 2023 to Present

Paul Johnson Mergers & Acquisition Coach, Manchester, UK

Brand Marketing Designer & Strategist  - Advisor

March 2021 to Present

Pitch Lounge, Berlin, Germany

Branding, Marketing and Creative Advisor

June 2021 to Present

Future Food Campus, Hamburg, Germany

Creative Advisor


Global MBA (October 2019 to April 2021)

Berlin School of Business and Innovation, Berlin, Germany

International Business & Luxury Brand Management ( 62 ECTS)

Bachelors in Animation & VFX (October 2019 to April 2021)

Arena Animation Institute - Mahatma Gandhi University

Communication Design, Branding, Film Making & Animation

The Materiality of ESG Factors specialization

Coursera certification course by University of Pennsylvania

Sustainability Marketing, Impact Investing, Materiality Factors etc.

Inbound Marketing Course By Hubspot

Google UX Design Course via Coursera

LinkedIn Learning Certifications

I am a brand marketing strategist, designer, poet & author.

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